Thielenhaus Microfinish | MicroStar Superfinish machine

Microfinish / Superfinish flat finish machining with Thielenhaus MicroStar

The MicroStar rotary transfer method (series 200 and EVO) comprises a centrally positioned column which is used to align the machining units. The rotary table, designed as a torque motor, can mount up to 12 work piece spindles depending on the model. The high momentum for rotary transfer allows auxiliary process time to be reduced to 0.8 seconds. Peak time-neutral loading and unloading is enabled thanks to the fact that all stations work simultaneously in this machine concept. Typical transfer times are between 6 and 12 seconds. Double and triple machining operations can be executed on this machine, with the result that two to three work pieces can be finished per transfer.

Processing Principle



The MicroStar is used among other things for machining the following components:

  • Injection nozzles
  • Jet needles
  • Injector holding elements
  • Pressure sensors
  • Sealing seats and sealing surfaces
  • Planetary wheels
  • Synchronising or ratchet wheels
  • Actuators
  • etc.


With an unsurpassed work piece quality, the MicroStar 200 is the most successful Superfinish machine on the market. It can be extended as necessary to become a precision machining centre. Fully equipped with eight stations, it is possible, for example, for two work pieces to be machined with a cycle time of three seconds per work piece, or for up to seven different operations to be executed simultaneously on one work piece.


The machines from this series are designed for both small and large work pieces with complex contours, as well as small and medium-sized batches. Depending on the equipment, a flatness of below 0.001 mm and a peak-to-valley height of Rz 0.5 mm can be achieved. Typical material removal is between 0.20 mm and 0.35 mm.

MicroStar EVO 1200

The MicroStar EVO(lution) 1200 sets a new benchmark in combination precision machining. It continues the successful rotary table concept of the 200 MicroStar series, but also possesses 12 stations for the extremely precise and yet more efficient machining of surfaces and geometries. The large number of stations allows a broad range of process combinations to be achieved, such as, for example, double-sided flat finishing, exterior and/or cylindrical grinding, interior grinding, honing and deburring.


It is becoming increasingly important that components due for machining fulfil the highest precision specifications in the shortest transfer times. The repeated clamping of work pieces on one or several consecutive machines is becoming increasingly unsuitable due to the clamping defects that this can produce. Significantly higher levels of quality can be achieved through the consecutive organisation of process steps on a single machine and in a single clamping operation.

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