Thielenhaus Microfinish | Sphero Superfinishing machine

Microfinish / Superfinish for balls and sockets with the Thielenhaus SpheroStar

Based on the high-precision Sphero machine tool, Thielenhaus Microfinish has now developed a highly efficient two-step solution which performs the entire fine-finishing process for spherical workpieces in short cycle times. The new SpheroStar also builds upon the MicroStar and NanoStar platforms constructively and like these two it is equipped with an indexing table.

Microfinishing for spherical workpieces

The SpheroStar has two tool spindle units that can automatically rotate by up to 90 degrees so that the optimal machining position for the relevant process is always selected, thus enabling the production of flat surfaces as well – with optional cross slides – instead of only spherical surfaces. The units are mounted vertically and are easily accessible for fast changeover. The machine is loaded at the first station by a handling robot in a cycle-time-neutral manner and is later again unloaded after machining. The indexing table then moves to station 2 where the workpiece is aligned axially. Pre-finishing takes place in-process in station 3 under size-controlled conditions, and the end-finishing with a flexible stone is done in station 4. This operation too is IPM-monitored. A MicroSens force sensor is used for both work steps with workpiece contact detection and brick wear compensation.


  • Highest quality, dimensional stability and accuracy with minimum tool wear
  • Up to two parallel machining processes
  • Cycle time-neutral loading and unloading as well as positioning of the centre of the ball
  • Easy setup thanks to perfect accessibility from all sides


Technical data:

  • Machining diameter: up to 75 mm depending on tool
  • Workpiece spindle: 0 – 2,000 rpm
  • Tool spindle: 1,500 – 15,000 rpm
  • Tool changer: up to 10 tools
Parts Roundness   Roughness
Axial Piston 2,5 µm Ra ≤ 0,08 µm
Sliding Shoe   2,5 µm Ra ≤ 0,08 µm
Ball Joint (For Wheel Suspension And Steering) 3-6 µm Ra ≤ 0,03 µm

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