Thielenhaus Microfinish | Stone & tape finish

Tape and stone finish with Thielenhaus machines

Our wide range of tape finishing machines can meet the most diverse requirements – whether the customer demands productivity, quality, flexibility or efficiency.

Tape finishing of shafts

A Shaft finishing

Tape and stone finishing - how it works

  • Cylindrical and conical components are machined utilizing the plunge-cut or through-feed method (see figures A and B). The tools oscillate linearly and the part rotates.

  • For producing flat, spherically concave or convex surfaces on workpieces the tool and the component rotate. The angularity between the axis of rotation of the tool and workpiece determines the surface profile (see figures D and E).

  • Ball bearing tracks and other similar profiles are machined with tools that oscillate radially and the part rotates (see figure C). The combination of the motion of the tool and rotation of the part results in a generated profile, rather than a "formed" profile.

Throughfeed stone-finishing of shafts

B Throughfeed finishing

Finishing of ball and roller bearing raceways

C Bearing finishing

Finishing of flat surfaces

D Flat surfaces

Finishing of Spherical Surfaces

E Spherical components