Customised Superfinish Solutions

Solutions for specialist requirements

Thielenhaus Microfinish is also happy to take on exceptional machining challenges which deviate from standard applications. In accordance with out motto “If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind”, we are constantly looking to develop further, and tap into new application areas.


  • Optimisation of noise characteristics of an oscillating shaver head in electric razors
  • Improving the flatness of glass perfume bottles in order to reduce the foil thickness of gold decoration
  • Leakage reduction in an inner sealing cone with a 3 mm diameter by attaining a roundness deviation of just 0.1 µm





Adapter plates < 1,0 µm Rz < 0,7 µm
Guide washers     < 0,8 µm Rz < 1,0 µm
Valve seats < 0,2 µm Rz < 0,5 µm
Holding elements    < 0,7 µm Rz < 1,2 µm
Spring holder < 0,7 µm Rz < 1,0 µm