Thielenhaus Microfinish | CenterStar finishing machine

Microfinish / Superfinish of wave-shaped parts with mounting between the centres

Thielenhaus CenterStar is the platform for the Microfinish / Superfinish machining of shafts for mounting between centres. Whether your process involves tape finishing or stone finishing, the modular design enables the machining of almost all shaft types. The mounting systems include, among other things, chucks and collets, both with and without lunette stabilisers. We also offer the machine concept in a special centreless design.


CenterStar is designed for machining the most diverse shaft types and sizes. It permits the machining of work pieces made from various materials (e.g. all steel types, cast iron, hard metals, ceramic) and supports the integration of different processes such as stone finishing, tape finishing, CAB and flat finishing as well as deburring. It can be operated manually, fully automatically or in combination with a conveyor belt, portal or robotic loading procedure.

Different parameters can be established depending on the design, whether as a tape finishing or stone finishing machine. With a stone finish, for example, the geometry can be positively influenced, while the use of tape tools is advantageous for the narrowest surface tolerances. In the case of the tape finishing design, the CenterStar can be equipped with a form shoe system which guarantees improved surface precision and geometry. 

Video: Microfinish For Camshafts



Machining stations  1 – 3 
Machining units depending on requirements 
Work piece length  500 – 2,000 mm 
Work piece diameter  300 mm
NC axes (pcs.) 0 – 7
Spindle rotation (rpm) max. 3,000
Space requirement (mm) depending on requirements


Parts Roughness
Cams Rz ≤ 0.5 µm
Bearings Rz ≤ 1.0 µm
Crankshafts Rz ≤ 0.5 µm
Gear shafts Rz ≤ 1.5 µm
Pump shafts Rz ≤ 1.1 µm
Compressor shafts   Rz ≤ 0.8 µm


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