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iso 9001 2015Our product portfolio comprises machine tools, tape- and stone-finish attachment devices, tools, processes and technologies for the Microfinish / Superfinish precision machining of different work pieces and surfaces. Microfinish is also known as Superfinish, Finishing or Short Stroke Honing. 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Noise reduction
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Extended service life
  • Less wear
  • Higher load-bearing capacity
  • Reduced friction

Our products

  • Finishing, grinding and honing in one clamping
    MicroStar FGH

    With MicroStar FSG/EVO, you can perform multiple Microfinishing operations in a single setup.

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  • Microfinish for workpieces with flat and convex surfaces
    MicroStar is the most efficient Microfinish solution for machining workpieces with flat and convex surfaces.
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  • Microfinish of flat surfaces with Thielenhaus NanoStar

    The NanoStar is a cost-effective solution for smaller production volumes of plan or spherical surfaces.

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  • Microfinish of roller bearings with Thielenhaus BearingStar

    The BearingStar is the platform for microfinish machining of ball and roller bearing raceways.

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  • Microfinish of crankshafts with Thielenhaus CrankStar

    The CrankStar was specially developed for microfinishing crankshafts or truck crankshafts.

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  • Microfinish of shafts with Thielenhaus CenterStar

    The CenterStar is the platform for Microfinish / Superfinish machining of shafts.

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  • Microfinish of spherical surfaces with Thielenhaus Sphero

    The Sphero is the Thielenhaus platform for the flexible machining of spherical parts.

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  • Cost-effective microfinish of waves with the Thielenhaus CUBE

    Microfinish of shafts is particularly easy with Thielenhaus' CUBE due to its innovative touchscreen software.

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  • Throughfeed-Microfinish with the Thielenhaus Infinity.

    Infinity is the solution for continuous Microfinish of cylindrical or tapered rollers and shock absorber rods.

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  • Double disc grinding in the pass-through, plunge or oscillation process.
    Double Disc Grinding

    Double-disc grinding machines process flat and stamped parts in a continuous, plunge or oscillating process.

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  • Microfinish on an existing carrier machine i.e. a turning or grinding machine
    Attachment Devices

    Use your existing carrier machine, such as as a turning or grinding machineas a Microfinish platform.

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Service in Thielenhaus Quality

  • Thielenhaus Microfinish Inspections

    Machines are subject to extremely demanding operating conditions. Especially in multi-shift production, production maintenance is key. That's why we use parts and components only from selected suppliers which are of the highest quality.

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  • Thielenhaus Microfinish Modifications
    Machines and processes must continually be adjusted to new tasks. Our service workshop is therefore specialised in the modification and retrofitting of machines as well as parts and general overhaul, which can be conducted either at our facilities or on-site with the customer.
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  • Thielenhaus Microfinish Replacement Parts
    Replacement Parts

    As part of agreements in place with our customers, corresponding replacement parts packages and assembly groups are held ready for use. Upon receipt of a replacement part request before 5 pm, parts will be dispatched on the same working day.

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  • Thielenhaus Microfinish Training
    Product reliability also depends on the machine’s competent operation by a professional. After the plant has been set up, the customer’s staff receive instruction which enables them to safely operate the machine and to familiarise themselves with all the settings necessary for its operation.
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  • Thielenhaus Microfinish Subcontracting
    Benefit from our Microfinish / Superfinish subcontracting from the market leading manufacturer of high precision machine tools. We offer flexible and smart Microfinish solutions ranging from  start-up productions, small and medium lot sizes or prototype processing.
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Roughness before and after microfinish

The highest level of component precision is a prerequisite for better performance, higher operational readiness, longer service intervals and efficiency with regard to the use of energy and raw materials. Performance is greatly improved by the optimal level of surface quality and shape tolerances. This is where the Microfinish process comes into play, which is also known as Superfinish, Finishing or Short Stroke Honing.

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Thielenhaus News

In Switzerland, the Thielenhaus Superfinish Innovation AG in Matzingen, are responsible for Microfinish machines and attachment devices. We have grown rapidly in the last few years since our founding and are therefore looking for motivated new employees. Are you interested? Then apply here for the following jobs (German job description): ▶ Process Specialist / Operations Manager (m/w):▶ Polymechanic (m/w): Nothing found? Then take a look at the Thielenhaus career portal:
Once again, Thielenhaus Technologies was included in the list of "hidden champions" of the renowned Wirtschaftswoche. Those who want to secure a place in the world market leader index, which is created by the renowned University of St. Gallen, must meet strict criteria: ✓ Companies must have the highest or second highest market share in their segment✓ Your annual turnover must exceed 50 million euros✓ Of which companies must generate at least half abroad✓ In addition, world market leaders must be active on at least three continents If you also want to work for a hidden champion, you should apply quickly in our career area.
Regarding the large amount of trade fairs and congresses on the topic of superfinishing with Thielenhaus participation, it is hard to keep track of things. Good that we have prepared the Thielenhaus trade fair planner. On this page you will find all our upcoming trade fair participations as well as a comprehensive archive of past events. Also, there are many pictures of our booths and impressions of our team. Click here to see more.
Numerous examples of technical brilliance from the automotive, anti-friction bearing, aviation, aerospace and medical engineering industries would have been inconceivable had it not been for Ernst Thielenhaus, the son of the company’s founder, who was developing an advanced method for surface finishing and had filed numerous patents back in the 1950s. With the development and continual improvement of the Microfinish process, Thielenhaus Technologies GmbH – a family company founded in 1909 and based in Wuppertal – has surpassed the competition to become the global leader in precision machine tools for surface precision machining. Even today, the company is owner-managed, and it is perhaps because of this that, in spite of numerous successes and growth, the company has never lost its familiar atmosphere. Maya Thielenhaus is the fourth generation of her family to enter into the business, and has been with the company since 1 November. For the three years prior to her appointment, Ms. Thielenhaus was employed as a project manager at a renowned consultancy firm. Before this she was employed in Montevideo (Uruguay) as a business analyst at one of the largest providers of shipping, port and logistics services in South America. Her key tasks here were the analysis [...]
Today sees the release of in a brand-new, modern look. The site navigation is particularly well structured, and is broken down according to our machine platforms.  In addition to the latest innovations, the homepage also offers quick access to our products and services. Our new website is also 100% optimised for mobile devices, and offers fast loading times even when on the move. With the new Event Planner you can now enjoy an overview of upcoming exhibitions and events. Please take a little time to explore our new website.

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