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Product reliability also depends on the machine’s competent operation by a professional. After the plant has been set up, the customer’s staff receive instruction which enables them to safely operate the machine and to familiarise themselves with all the settings necessary for its operation.


For customers who desire a greater level of independence with regard to operation and maintenance, Thielenhaus Microfinish provides additional training. All training sessions are developed specifically for the machines being supplied, and remain available to every participant even after the training session in the form of training documentation. Successful participation in the training is confirmed by a certificate.


Following an orientation phase, we offer an intensive training session covering all areas which builds on the initial experience of the operating staff. An important component of this training is putting the theoretical content into practice immediately. This means that when it comes to the topic “Identifying and rectifying defects”, for example, potential sources of defects are explained and the participant is subsequently trained on the machine.


In terms of maintenance, training courses are provided for electrical and mechanical components. These training sessions enable the user to execute all maintenance measures themselves, and thus help to create a greater level of independence. For customers looking to acquire a detailed understanding of the Microfinish / Superfinish process, in order to better utilise this technology for their own benefit, for example, we provide training on the topic of Microfinish. The process for a specific application area is explained in detail below.


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Barbare Naurath
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