Thielenhaus Microfinish | Combination machining

Combined finishing, grinding and honing of gear wheels and other components

In 2012, Thielenhaus Microfinish introduced the first machine in the world capable of delivering a combined finishing, grinding and honing process. Since then we have continuously expanded our range of different combination machining operations.


  • Flat finish (also double-sided)
  • Internal grinding
  • Honing
  • Cylindrical grinding
  • Bore grinding
  • Deburring (now also with HyperMotion)

MicroStar EVO 12

With the MicroStar EVO it’s not only possible to combine different machining processes, but also to increase the production volume. Developed for process combinations or multiple loading, the MicroStar EVO is suitable for machining the following work pieces:

  • Synchronising wheels
  • Planetary wheels
  • Injector parts
  • Sensors, etc. (up to 250 mm of swing diameter)


  • Lower overall investment thanks to not having to purchase one or several machines and the associated automation
  • Smaller space requirements thanks to 8 stations with a diameter of just 1.4 m
  • Extremely high work piece quality thanks to machining precision – without the defects caused by repeat clamping
  • Shortest transfer times thanks to parallel processes in the rotary transfer machine
  • Cost-effective automation through individual handling and ending of package set-ups in standard honing


The MicroStar FGH (Finishing, Grinding, Honing) is a highly precise machine tool which can be used to execute several precision machining operations in a single clamping operation. This avoids clamping defects and results in an extremely high level of overall machining quality. The basis of the machine is a rotary table with eight work piece spindles. All tooling units are installed on the centrally positioned column. 

Following the creation of a highly precise reference surface on one of the flat sides of the work piece, finishing, measuring, internal grinding and honing operations – to name but a few – can be completed in a single clamping operation.


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