The machines from this series are designed for both small and large work pieces with complex contours, as well as small and medium-sized batches. Depending on the equipment, a flatness of below 0.001 mm and a peak-to-valley height of Rz 0.5 mm can be achieved. Typical material removal is between 0.20 mm and 0.35 mm.

Your benefits:

  • Flexible adaptation to different processes and facilities
  • Vertical work piece holder for all standard automation systems
  • Also suitable for manual loading and unloading
  • Multi-step machining as an optional extra
  • Machining with conventional tools, CBN or Diamant
  • NC axes with MicroSens incision detection and force-controlling delivery system
  • Optional in-process measurement control
  • Optional swivel mount for machining spherical parts such as e.g. ball joints, valves and sealing seats

Work area:

  • Work piece weight: max. 80 kg
  • Work piece diameter: max. 550 mm
  • Work piece height: max. 470 mm
  • or in special designs