With an unsurpassed work piece quality, the MicroStar 200 is the most successful Superfinish machine on the market. It can be extended as necessary to become a precision machining centre. Fully equipped with eight stations, it is possible, for example, for two work pieces to be machined with a cycle time of three seconds per work piece, or for up to seven different operations to be executed simultaneously on one work piece.

Your benefits: 

  • Modular set up in three, four, six or eight work piece spindles (can also be retrofitted)
  • Up to six machining stations, separate loading and unloading stations, automatic work piece turning station – also for combined machining, e.g. with additional deburring, honing, grinding, etc.
  • High degree of process stability thanks to MicroSens incision detection and the freely selectable, force-controlled machining strategy
  • Shortest transfer times (all operations are implemented at the same time)
  • Vertical work piece alignment – suitable for all standard automation types
  • Peak time-neutral loading and unloading
  • Outstanding accessibility – all components no more than a forearm’s length away 
  • Straightforward operation and menu-driven set-up

Work area

  • Work piece height: max. 230 mm
  • Work piece diameter: max. 200 mm
  • or in a special design