Microfinish in the Automotive Sector


In the automotive industry in particular, precision and minimal friction are requirements for greater performance, functional reliability, longevity and the careful use of energy and raw materials. The utilisation of Microfinish / Superfinish enables the manufacturing of defined, technical surfaces and work piece geometries, in order to minimise friction coefficients and improve the degree of efficiency.

The producible surface structures, which are often defined by the contact ratio and various specifications pertaining to surface roughness, can be adapted to requirements within the smallest of tolerances, and can be manufactured with proof of functionality. Micro-and macro-geometric defects in the pre-machining stage can thus be reliably eliminated.

Thielenhaus is a specialist in finishing, finish grinding and honing for the most diverse range of vehicle and HGV components, including e.g.

  • Engine:
    • Crankshaft
    • Camshaft
    • Connecting rod
    • Balance shaft
    • Cams and tappets
    • Piston pins
    • Inlet and outlet valves
  • Drive:
    • Gear wheels and gear shafts incl. bearing seats
    • Synchronising wheel
    • Universal joints
    • Planetary wheels
  • Chassis and steering :
    • Steering rack 
    • Shock absorber rod
    • Brake disc
    • Adjusting washer
    • Ball joint
  • Injector parts :
    • Injector body
    • Injection nozzles
    • Sealing seats
    • Adapter plate