Thielenhaus at DRITEV congress in Germany

Germany: Dritev Congress


The transmission world has been changing over the last 15 years: the intensified CO2 discussion, the increasing electrification and the associated change in the self-conception of the transmission as a powertrain manager have sharpened the view of the entire powertrain. The challenge today: to see the transmission as part of the overall drive train and to design the entire drive under this systematic view.




dritev 2019

 Thielenhaus Stand auf der Dritev 2019




Thielenhaus auf der Dritev 2019

Together with our partner Optosurf we presented innovative Microfinish Solutions for the transmission industry at this year's Dritev.



Thielenhaus Stand at DRITEV 2018Thielenhaus booth at Dritev 2018




Thielenhaus at Dritev 2018

As one of the most important providers of integrative superfinishing solutions for the transmission industry, Thielenhaus was present at this year's Dritev with a mobile congress booth.