Thielenhaus Microfinish | Infinity

Throughfeed-Superfinishing of taper and roller bearing rollers as well as shock absorber rods with the Thielenhaus Infinity

Infinity is Thielenhaus' solution for throughfeed finishing of cylindrical or taper rollers, generating roller profiles with logarithmic edge drop and straight center area.

Infinity SR

The Infinity SR is Thielenhaus' solution for Microfinish for shock absorber rods.

  • Direct drives of the feed rollers via AC servo drives
  • Rollers with up to 1100 mm length, fast feed roller change
  • Quick change of stones and stone holders
  • Stone pressing and lift control via pneumatic proportional valves
  • Pressure setting via machining program
  • Loading and unloading system with magazine
  • 3 - mass oscillator, pneumatically driven
  • Vertical NC - axis for height adjustment of the oscillation unit
  • Use of 10 stone guides for optimal finishing results
  • Fast changeover of less than 30 min

Infinity TR/CR

The Infinity is Thielenhaus' solution for Microfinish for taper roller and cylindrical rollers.

  • Stone contact pressure, stone feeding and retract by means of electric proportional valves
  • Fast change stone holders
  • Split bearing housings for fast transport roller change
  • NC-controlled vertical slide for Microfi nishing unit via AC-servo drive (Power Lift)
  • Optional use of automatic loading/unloading systems with part storage capacity

Machining Examples

Cone and roller bearing rollers


Before Microfinish


After Microfinish

Outside diameter

Cylindrical, Ø spread Stock
within a lot size < 2 μm

Stock removal by Microfinish in the
cylindrical middle section 2-4 µm in Ø

Roughness up to Ø 15 
Roughness Ø 17 – 26 

Ra 0.1 – 0.15 μm 
Ra 0.15 – 0.25 μm 

Ra < 0.04 μm
Ra < 0.08 μm

Cylindricity up
to Ø 15 0.5 μm 

Cylindricity Ø 17 – 26

0.5 μm
1.0 μm
0.5 μm
1.0 μm

~ 1.0 µm
Number of lobes at the circumference 
1 – 3 
3 – 5 
5 – 10
10 – 15
> 15 
> 80 

see table below

% improvement
up to 10
up to 20
up to 40
up to 60
> 80


Shock absorber


Before Microfinish


After Microfinish

Roughness Ra 0,12 - 0,20 µm

Ra ≤ 0.03 μm
Rz ≤ 0.2 μm

Video through feed finishing and application examples

 Rolling bearing rollers, such as

  • tapered rollers
  • cylindrical rollers
  • shock absorber rods
  • piston pins
  • Cylindrical workpieces


Infinity TR/CR (Microfinish for taper roller / cylindrical rollers) | Product Brochure (PDF) 

Download Brochure

Infinity SR (Microfinish for shock absorber rods) | Product Brochure (PDF)

Download Brochure



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