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Thielenhaus HyperFinish®

HyperFinish® is a further development of Microfinish / Superfinish machining technology which can be used to overlay conventional tool oscillation with a secondary, high-frequency tool oscillation (in some cases 3,600 double strokes per minute [60 Hz]). HyperFinish® is available for the BearingStar platform, amongst others.


With the innovative HyperFinish® technology from Thielenhaus, NC-Servo oscillation (Direct Drive) is operated with an overlaid, high-frequency oscillation. Thanks to the high-frequency tool oscillation, users are able to achieve a significantly higher rate of material removal and up to 35% shorter machining times. The geometry – particularly the transverse profile and the roundness of the raceway – also benefits from this process. With the assistance of the direct drive motor, the oscillation angle, oscillation frequency and pressure angle can be programmed, resulting in a reduction in set-up times.

  • Microfinish / Superfinish of roller bearing raceways: Up to 35% shorter machining times and an improved geometry of raceway transverse profiles, beneficial for raceways for both anti-friction and roller bearings, particularly advantageous for raceways for four-point roller bearings.

  • Deburring of drill holes: Shorter machining times, a more even edge rounding, can completely replace high-pressure water deburring in some cases.

Superfinish of ball and roller bearing raceways



  • Up to 35% (on average 20%) shorter machining times thanks to increased removal per time unit
  • Better results for roundness and fine waviness – varies depending on the work piece and task
  • Up to 30% reduced investment and reduced operating costs due to the fact that additional machines / machining stations are omitted 


Work piece: Tapered roller bearing inner ring, 50 mm bore hole
Target: Ra 0.05
Machining time with conventional Microfinish / Superfinish: 25 seconds
Machining time with HyperFinish®: 20 seconds For measurement results please click on graphic


HyperFinish product brochure (PDF)

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