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BearingStar is the platform for Microfinish / Superfinish of ball and roller bearing raceways.

The surface precision machining of anti-friction bearings must be performed efficiently and flexibly in today’s world, all the while ensuring the highest levels of quality. BearingStar represent a modern, modular machine solution which has been designed specifically for these objectives.

Processing Principle



Thanks to Microfinish / Superfinish machining, the roundness and roughness of the relevant anti-friction bearing surfaces are significantly improved, thus delivering the highest levels of quality. After machining, the anti-friction bearings also display a higher load-bearing capacity and longer service life, as well as lower noise emissions.

  • Increase in precision and performance thanks to innovative Microfinish / Superfinish precision machining
  • Increased flexibility through several tool oscillation units in one machine, e.g. for ball or roller bearing raceways
  • Universal machine platforms for all anti-friction bearing types
  • Short set-up times thanks to the menu-driven set-up and work piece visualisation on the monitor
  • Interactive online direct service via the Internet


We are sure to have the right solution for you. Here you will find a complete overview of our Microfinish / Superfinish solutions for machining anti-friction and roller bearing raceways.


When working with innovative HyperFinish® technology you will achieve up to 35% shorter machining times and even greater work piece quality.


The BearingStar series from Thielenhaus Microfinish combines the latest innovations in precision machining. Please also take a look at our example video.

  • HyperFinish® for ball and roller bearings
  • HyperFinish® for 4-point roller bearings
  • Zone Microfinish on logarithmic raceways for tapered roller bearings
  • Microfinish for highly durable and tribologically optimised raceways
  • Plunge-cut grinding process for ball and roller bearing raceways
  • Plunge-cut process for logarithmic profile forms
  • Overlapping stroke process for ball bearing raceways
  • Overlapping stroke process for ball bearing raceways
  • Puls-Microfinish for roller bearing raceways
  • 1-step process for 1 machining station


We have the right platform for every ring type.

Ring outside diameter

>BearingStar Mini 05 – 19 mm
BearingStar 50 17 – 42 mm
BearingStar 100 32 – 90 mm
BearingStar 200 85 – 200 mm
BearingStar 200XL     180 – 320 mm
BearingStar 300 200 – 700 mm
BearingStar 400 400 – 1600 mm   

Roller outside diameter

BearingStar SF125  3,8 – 80 mm
BearingStar PC24 30 – 200 mm


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